Power smiley: 

Function: Gives 12 new year-themed smilies. (calendar) (celebration) (champagne2) (champagneback) (clink2) (firework1) (firework2) (nyball) (nyhat) (nykiss)(nyparty) (sparkler2)

Note: (champagne2) does not work yet.


It also gives four hats: Happy 2012 (hat#h2), Champ Pawn (hat#hh), Lights pawn (hat#hi), Fireworks FX (hat#hwf).

Away Power

Status: Unlimited, 100 xats.

Power smiley:

Function: Adds an away sign on your pawn automatically after 5 minutes (This time can be changed) You can type /away to put the away sign immediately, or you can type $away=60 to change the 5 minute limit to 60 seconds. 60 seconds is the lowest time you can use.

Peace Power

Status: Limited, releases at random intervals and is planned to be unlimited eventually

Power smiley:

Function: Gives 10 peace smilies, and they are: (peace) (dove) (dove2) (dove3) (hglass) (phair1) (phair2) (phair3) (rbe) (reggae)

Punch power

Status: Unlimited, 300 xats.

Power smiley:

Function: Gives 15 punch smilies. (punch) (pconfused) (pcrying) (pcute) (pdead) (pfury) (pgiggle) (pglare) (pjump) (punched) (pshades) (pshy) (psleepy) (pthink) (pmanic) **(punch) can be used as a back for smilies, e.g (d#punch)**

SilentM power

Status: Unlimited, 20 days.

Power smiley:

Function: It lets you make members silently. Minimum rank for use is owner, if you have gcontrol assigned you can change the usable rank to moderator+.

School power

Status: Limited

Power smiley:  

Smilies: (school) (daycare) (gts) (studying) (sbell) (teacher2) (punished) (backpack) (rubber) (schoolgirl) (writing)

Matchban group power

Status: Limited

Power smiley:

Function: Lets you play a game of matching smilies to get un-banned.

KPENG group power

Status: Released

Price: 200 xats.

Power smiley:

What it does: Gives 13 kaoani penguin smilies and special pawns.

Smilies: (kpeng) (kpesneeze) (kpeshy) (kpeshame) (kpejoy) (kpeglare)(kpefit) (kpedots) (kpedizzy) (kpeclap) (kpeangry) (kpedance)(kpepop)

Pawns(These only last for one week):

Penguin Pawn: (hat#hp) requires kpeng, and hat power to use.

Bubble Pawn: (hat#hb) requires kpeng, allpowers and hat power to use.

Angel pawn: (hat#ha) requires kpeng, allpowers, angel power and hat power to use.

Fish pawn: (hat#hf) requires kpeng, and hat power to use.

Popsicle pawn: (hat#hl) requires kpeng and hat power to use.

Nerd power

Status: Limited. 

Price: xattrade

Power smiley:

What it does: Gives 11 smilies. (nerd)(aplus)(bowtie)(brain)(coder)(gates)(nglasses)(nsci)(phone)(read)(calc)

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